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Brand: Flora Chic™

Reference: 119630

Delivery: 3 - 7 working days
Size: 50 ml

Like a walk through Paris’ legendary Les Jardins De Bagatelle, ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC seduces your senses with citrusy notes of French Clementine and the softness and sweetness of precious Bulgarian Rose, followed by calming and exotic relaxation properties of the Ylang Ylang Madagascar essence. Floral and feminine, enchanting and chic, ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC empowers you to charm the world around you.

Spray one or two chosen “pulse points” (nape of neck, inside elbows, wrists, behind ears, crease behind knees or collarbone) – the areas that emit most heat and allow the scent to diffuse from your body. Apply as often as desired.

  • Prestigious perfection. ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC features a carefully crafted floral blend that has been carefully and painstakingly evaluated, refined and perfected by expert perfumers.
  • Enduring enchantment. ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC comes as an Eau De Parfum, which means the scent and its accompanying charm are longer lasting than with typical Eau de Toilette products.
  • Masterful perfumery. ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC was developed exclusively for ARTISTRY by the prestigious Flavours and Fragrance House of Givaudan, which has over 250 years’ experience crafting some of the world’s most sought-after scents.
  • A timeless treasure captured in a bottle. ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC comes in a beautifully handcrafted bottle that features chic pink glass, a lavish gold-coloured cap and ribbon made of raw silk. Everything about it oozes prestige, luxury and femininity at its fragrant finest.