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Brand: ARTISTRY Hydra-V™

Reference: 117644

Delivery: 3 - 7 working days

Size: 200 ml

A conditioning, alcohol-free toner for all skin types that helps make the most of your entire skincare regimen.

What It Does For You

  • You'll love how the gentle, fast-absorbing formula goes on light and leaves no residue.
  • It removes the last traces of dirt and makeup so you can be sure that your skin is perfectly clean.
  • Gets your skin ready to maximise the benefits of your moisturiser and further skincare products in your routine.
  • Whatever your skin type, this alcohol-free toner works to lock hydration into your skin.

Why You Would Like It

ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Fresh Toner completes your daily skin cleansing procedure. Use it to clean away the last traces of make-up and excess debris. While doing this, you'll also introduce skin-conditioning hydrating benefits to your skin. When you follow up with a moisturiser, serum, eye cream or other, this toner primes your skin for optimal absorption so you get the maximum benefits from these skincare products.

Facts For You

  • Following your cleanser with this skincare step means your hydration levels will increase by 211% immediately.
  • It is non-comedogenic, so it does not clog your pores and it allows your skin to breathe.
  • Allergy and dermatologist tested.

Key Features

ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Fresh Toner delivers fast, effective skin hydration benefits in a light formula that your skin can easily absorb:

  • Your skin experiences refreshing hydration thanks to Norwegian Fjord Water encapsulated in exclusive ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Liposome delivery system.
  • Your skin's ability to seal in moisture is enhanced by Red Algae.
  • The alcohol-free formula contains skin-calming ingredients and is perfect for any skin type.

How To Use

  • First cleanse your skin with ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser.
  • Then apply toner by splashing onto your hand or saturating a cotton pad and smoothing it gently over the skin.
  • Avoid the eye area when applying.


ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Fresh Toner gives your skin a dose of pure hydration with Norwegian Fjord Water transmitted into your skin within the exclusive ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Liposome delivery system. The skin-conditioning benefits go even further, with Red Algae that improves how your skin locks in moisture. More skin conditioners leave your skin feeling soothed and primed for the next step in your skincare routine.