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ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR ™ Eye Shadow Bundle contains:

  • A selected palette with four color variants.
  • An applicator.
  • An elegant ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Compact.

Sold as a set with a 10% discount and full PV/BV.

ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR™ Eye Shadow Quad Refill* allows you to create an unlimited number of eye looks thanks to the multi-dimensional finishes: from a natural daytime look to an elegantly sophisticated effect. Color stays impeccable throughout the day due to the long-lasting formula.

The ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR™ Compact is an elegant accessory. Its sophisticated design, with a  black bottom and gold-toned top, is embellished with the stylish ARTISTRY signature “A”. A mirror is also included.

There are five palettes, each containing four shades (for highlighting, contouring, accenting and defining), to create your perfect eye makeup:

  • Natural Glow- soft, creamy, beige (shimmer) to highlight; sparkling cool brown (shimmer) to contour; glowing cinnamon (metallic) to accent; deep espresso brown (matte) to define.
  • Plumberry- pale luminous pink pearl (shimmer) to highlight; dusty mauve (shimmer) to contour; copper violet (metallic) to accent; rich, deep plum (matte) to define.
  • Spice Bronze- pale, golden beige (shimmer) to highlight; warm, antique bronze (metallic) to contour; shiny, amber, copper (metallic) to accent; golden, deep bronze (shimmer) to define.
  • Smoky Eye- golden reflective white (shimmer) to highlight; dusty, luminous bluish grey (shimmer) to contour; sparkling silver (metallic) to accent; deep charcoal blue (shimmer) to define.
  • Pink Chocolate - soft, tinted pinky beige (shimmer) to highlight; luminous café au lait (metallic) to contour; soft, ballet pink (metallic) to accent; dark, chocolate brown with copper sheen (metallic) to define.

*Please note that new ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR™ Eye Shadow Quad Refill can only be stored in the new ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR™ Compact.  The ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR™ Eye Shadow Quad cannot be stored in the old ARTISTRY™ Refillable 4-Pan Compact.

ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR™ Eye Shadow formula contains:

  • Spherical powdersfor a smooth application.
  • Micro-fine pigmentsto give a perfect color.
  • Pearlsto intensify light reflection.
  • Lavender Flower Waxhelps to coat the sensitive eye lid.

With your fingertip or an applicator apply a highlighting shade on eye lid to make easy, everyday eye shadow. Apply different shade and blend it up towards the crease line. Use ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR™ Longwearing Eye Pencil to underline your eye.

How to fill/refill the new ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR™ Compact

Open the empty compact.  Below the mirror, place the two tabs on the back of the refill then press the front two corners of the refill until you hear both sides click. Close the compact to remove the refill and turn it upside down. Push the two dots on the label (at the corners closest to the ARTISTRY™ logo) until you hear the release click. Open the compact and remove the refill. 

  • Five palettes, each with four shades to create variety of outstanding looks.
  • Long lasting, creamy formula to blend and mix shades with ease.
  • Shadow resistance for fading and creasing.
  • Safe for use in the eye area.
  • Suitable for use by contact lens wearers.
  • Allergy tested and fragrance free.
  • Designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Perfect stay-true color which resists fading and creasing.
  • Multi-dimensional finishes (matte, shimmer, metallic) provided by light reflecting technology.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting formula.