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Size: Set of 2 products

The anti-wrinkle face and eye creams set that makes your skin looking years younger on 10% discount.*

What It Does For You

Power System consists of ARTISTRY SUPREME LXTM Regenerating Cream and ARTISTRY SUPREME LX Regenerating Eye Cream. You get 10% discount while buying both products.

  • Reduces ALL visible signs of aging.
  • The face cream visibly diminishes fine lines and even deep-set wrinkles on the face in short time.
  • The moisturizing formula of the eye cream makes your eye area look young and bright again in weeks.
  • Both anti-aging creams soothe and smoothen your skin.
  • An overall, youthful appearance emerges. 

Why You Would Like It

Our scientists have discovered a way to make your face skin look and act years younger! Take advantage of our ARTISTRY SUPREME LXTM bundle with anti-wrinkle face and eye cream – enjoy 10% lower price and breathtaking, rejuvenate results in weeks! 

Facts For You

  •  ARTISTRY scientists distilled Gardenia Grandiflora’s never aging stem cells into a powerful elixir.
  • CellEffect24 Complex with pure gold and NUTRILITETM ingredients was determined to amplify the effects of the Gardenia stem cell elixir.
  • This breakthrough technology recharges skin’s vitality and boost skin’s energy index 68 times**.

* This set is not included in the Fast Start (first order) promotion

Given price is already with discount.

**Compared to clinical study baseline, using no product; Energy Index, tested in vitro, correlates with the energy needed to rejuvenate the appearance of skin.

Key Features

  • Gardenia Grandiflora’s stem cells stabilized into a pure elixir help to synchronize skin’s youthful biorhythms and renew skin’s youthful energy.
  • CellEffect24 Complex amplifies the effects of the Gardenia stem cell elixir. Thank to that skin vitality is recharged and a comprehensive rejuvenation transpires.
  • NUTRILITETMapproved Spinach Leaf and Acerola Cherry included in CellEffect24 Complex helps preserve skin’s youthful look, charges skin with energy and helps to repair signs of past damage

How To Use


The never-aging Gardenia Grandiflora’s stem cells, distilled into a powerful elixir, renew skin’s youthful energy.

CellEffect24 Complex amplifies the effects of the Gardenia stem cell elixir. Exclusive CellEffect24 blend consists of:

  • 24 Karat Goldenhances skin cell turnover and provides light diffusion that boosts the youthful look of skin.
  • NUTRILITETM ingredients: Green Acerola Cherry Extractand Spinach Leaf Extract are the powerful antioxidants that preserve young look.
  • Cardiolipin, naturally occurring lipid, and L-carnosine, naturally occurring antioxidant, help increase skin’s energy production.
  • Rhodiola Compleximproves natural biorhythms of the skin.