Warranty and returns

Amway guarantees the users’ satisfaction of Amway products – every Buyer has the right to return a product if he/she is not satisfied with it for whatever reason it may be.

Amway product satisfaction guarantee is effective during the lifetime of the products and is valid for Estonia.

Some products, such as iCook cookware, knives and eSpring water treatment systems, can be returned within 90 days from the purchase date.

1.1 The customer has the right to return the received goods back to the Seller within 14 days from the date of receipt. The application for return of the goods is sent to the Seller by e-mail. In the application it is necessary to indicate the order number, the reason for the return of the goods, the name of the customer and the number of his bank account. The amount of the paid order, minus the transportation costs, is returned to the Customer on this account within 14 days from the receipt of the returned goods to the warehouse Tervise-pood.ee.

1.2 Tervise-pood.ee reimburses the cost of returning the goods in cases where:

  • The goods were damaged during transportation.
  • The goods do not match the order.

1.3 Products must be returned in their original packaging. The packaging must be undamaged, properly prepared and packed. When returning a product, you must provide a confirmation document for your purchase and describe the reasons to return it. A product is returned to Tervise-pood.se online shop at the Buyer’s expense. Full price of the purchased product is reimbursed after the purchased product is returned and accepted by Tervise-pood.ee

1.4 If the returned goods are not in the original factory packaging, or are repacked by the Customer, or in any way damaged, Tervise-pood.ee reserves the right to revise the amount of the refund based on the reduction in the value of the goods. If the Client does not agree with the recalculation, he has the right to use the opinion of an independent expert.

1.5 Tervise-pood.ee reserves the right to cancel the order in cases where:

  • The client did not pay the invoice on the basis of the order within 5 working days from the receipt of the invoice.
  • The Customer has a payment outstanding before Tervise-pood.ee.
  • The client received a negative response to the request for payment by installments.
  • The ordered goods have ended in the warehouse of the supplier, and the Customer does not agree with the goods offered by Tervise-pood.ee for replacement.

1.6 The Customer has the right to present claims to the Seller within 24 months from the receipt of the goods.

1.7  Amway guarantee does not cover the products:

  • which have not been used as intended, for example, not for personal use at homes; 
  • which have been damaged intentionally or due to misuse; 
  • which refer to the products with the special return dates.

1.8 If the product does not comply with the requirements, the Customer has the right to request replacement of the product for the product without defects and meets the requirements for use.