Wooden Cutting Board iCook™

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Brand: iCook™

Reference: 124733

Delivery: 3 - 7 working days

Size: 1 ea, 320mm x 215mm x 22,5mm thick

The iCook Wooden Cutting Board is a very practical kitchen essential made from top quality beech wood.

What It Does For You

  • The iCook Wooden Cutting Board provides an excellent surface quality due to the closed-pore beech wood structure.
  • It is very gentle to your iCook knifes, as cutting on wooden boards keeps blades sharp for long.
  • Beech wood is very durable. 

Why You Would Like It

No matter what you are preparing - vegetables, fruits, meat or fish, the iCook Wooden Cutting Board is an ideal partner for all food preparation. The iCook Wooden Cutting Board is a high-quality kitchen essential. Its convenient size is perfect for food preparation as well as easy storing. A good beech cutting board is somewhat self-healing, and therefore hygienic. Comparing to plastic boards, wooden cutting boards typically won’t scar as easily. Small scars from daily use are a breeding hot spot for bacteria.

Facts For You

  • Made from 100% Natural German Beech.
  • Beech wood provided to manufacturing of iCook Cutting Boards is sourced purely from German forests in sustainability by the German strict forest management program (in Germany sustainability is mandatory as per the Federal Forest Act).
  • Proved to be sustainable and by International well trusted PEFC Certification (details here: https://www.pefc.org/).

Key Features

  • Solid beech wood provides quality for years.
  • Manufactured from locally provided German Beech wood as a sustainable material.
  • Perfect size: 320mm x 215mm x 22,5mm (+/- 1mm tolerance).

How To Use
Before use:

  • Please wipe with a damp cloth and dry.


  • To avoid cross contamination always use separate boards/sides for preparing raw meats and vegetables.
  • Use on the stable surfaces in the horizontal position.

100% Natural German Beech